Rent a Master Gardener

Are you new to the area and find Lowcountry gardening a mystery? Do you have gardening problems you can’t solve, plants you can’t identify? The Lowcountry Master Gardener Association can help through its Rent-a-Master Gardener program.

For a $60 fee, a team of Clemson University-certified Master Gardeners will visit your home. The team will walk your property with you, answer your questions, and provide guidance on good gardening practices and plant selection. Approximately two weeks after the visit, you will receive a detailed report prepared by the team containing the team’s observations and recommendations.

rent_a_master_gardenerThe team will leave with you instructions on how to take a soil sample and have it analyzed by Clemson’s Agricultural Lab. This fee is $6.00.   Plant diseases and pest ID services are also available at an additional charge.

The mission of the Lowcountry Master Gardeners Association is to promote and teach environmentally sound, research-based gardening practices to our neighbors. We are, therefore, pleased to be able to offer this service. The feedback from homeowners has been very positive, as evidenced by the number of referrals we receive each year.

Homeowners might also find Clemson’s Home and Garden Information Center website useful in answering some of their gardening questions. The website contains hundreds of fact sheets on gardening issues and plants. See

Proceeds from this program are used for the Association’s philanthropic, educational and beautification projects.

Sheila Drouin   – (843) 770-0359
Bette Warfield – (843) 98 7-0170
Hilton Head:
Sharon Ryan – (843 715-4096