Gardening in the Lowcountry

Lowcountry Weekly – How Does Your Garden Grow?
Published Articles by local Master Gardeners
Laura Lee Rose, Will Balk, Jr., Sandra Educate and Alice Massey

       Keep Up the Good Work                                                                              Laura Lee Rose
       Come On, Mother Nature! Decide!                                                          Will Balk, Jr.
       Ahh, Spring                                                                                                       Sandra Educate 

        Let’s Build a Carolina Fence Garden                                                      Laura Lee Rose
        Dreaming of Spring                                                                                        Will Balk, jr.
        The Garden Party                                                                                            Sandra Educate
        When is Winter                                                                                                  Laura Lee Rose
       The Conceptual Gardener                                                                              Will Balk, Jr.
       Mystery Plant                                                                                                     Sandra Educate
       Getting Plants Ready for Winter                                                                 Laura Lee Rose
       Something Special for the Gardener                                                      Will Balk, Jr.

       Natives vs. Aliens                                                                                                Sandra Educate   
       Gingers                                                                                                                  Laura Lee Rose
       The Long Hot Summer                                                                                   Sandra Educate
       A Picture of Dorian    Gray and Green                                                      Will Balk, Jr.
       September in the Garden                                                                             Laura Lee Rose
       To Bee or Not to Bee                                                                                          Sandra Educate
       Just Cut It Off                                                                                                        Will Balk, Jr.                   

       A Desk With a View                                                                                          Laura Lee Rose
      Seeing the Garden with New Eyes                                                            Sandra Educate
      The Pot Question                                                                                              Will Balk, Jr.
      Joyful Alternatives                                                                                             Laura Lee Rose       
    You Gotta’ Know When to Hold ’em                                                            Sandra Educate
       A Lazy Gardener Ponders                                                                              Will Balk, Jr.
      Not Just Pretty                                                                                                   Laura Lee Rose
      You Say To-ma-to    I Say To-mah-to                                                           Sandra Educate
       A Rolling Stone                                                                                                    Will Balk, Jr.
       What are Invasives and Why Do We Care?                                              Laura Lee Rose
       Grousing About a Grumpy Gardener                                                        Sandra Educate
       Orchids in the Leaf Litter, Orchids in the Lawn                                    Will Balk, Jr.
        Plant Trees for a Beautiful Future                                                             Laura Lee Rose
        Winter Blues and  Blahs                                                                                  Sandra Educate
        The Lazy Gardener                                                                                           Will Balk, Jr.
         Winter Blues and Greens                                                                               Laura Lee Rose
         Smarty Plants                                                                                                    Sandra Educate
         Shady Characters                                                                                              Laura Lee Rose
         Fall Planting                                                                                                         Laura Lee Rose
        And We Thought Kudzu Was Bad                                                                 Sandra Educate
        Fall Friends and Farewell                                                                                Alice Massey
         It’s Fig Season
        Summer’s Bounty